Another Dimension; 3D Technologies in Veterinary Forensics

Alex was invited to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Zurich, to give a lecture and develop collaborations in 3D technologies for use in animal and human forensics

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Alex, our Lead Forensic Veterinary Pathologist, was invited to the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich.  The invitation followed his talk at the ISFRI 2017 Conference, at which the Director of the Institute was present.

During 8-10 August 2017, Alex gave a lecture and discussion session on Veterinary Forensics, with the teams at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Vetsuisse faculty.  Alex was given tours and met the teams at the Virtopsy suite, 3D Centre (a joint initiative between the Swiss Police and University of Zurich), Vetsuisse hospitals and pathology department, and the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The aim of the visit was to develop research collaborations between ArroGen Veterinary Forensics, the University of Surrey, and these institutes at the University of Zurich, particularly in 3D imaging technologies, forensic genetics and toxicology, for use in casework and teaching Veterinary Forensics.

He had the opportunity to see examples of the technologies used in casework and was shown how to use the systems.  Alex was very excited by the potential for collaboration:

”In the autumn we are starting a number of international collaborative research projects which will standardise and validate protocols for using these technologies in veterinary forensics.  We have collaborations with the Universities of Copenhagen, Derby, Dundee and now Zurich.  Watch this space for more updates!”

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