Now part of the Forensic Access group:

ArroGen Veterinary Forensics represents ArroGen’s collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey. This unique partnership brings together experts in animal diagnostics and research with specialists who have worked within the forensic sphere of the UK Criminal Justice System for many years.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality veterinary forensic pathology and science services and to apply our experience in human forensic investigation in the context of animal crime. Our main aim is to provide the court with robust forensic science in cases of individuals who are accused of committing crimes against or involving animals, and a significant component of our work is to develop a strong social justice agenda and deliver results which disrupt crime patterns and the evolution of animal to human criminal behaviour. We are also committed to knowledge transfer and are developing a broad portfolio of CPD.

We are always looking for genuine opportunities to collaborate and look forward to working with you.


By harnessing our collective knowledge of forensic and animal science and building on our established track record we are able to offer a wide range of robust forensic pathology and science services to agencies that deal with, or investigate, crimes against animals across the UK and beyond. Our reports meet the requirements of the UKCJS and we strive to ensure that they are relevant, straightforwardly written and delivered in line with your timescales.


The forensic centre is located in Oxfordshire with the Forensic Access team. Our pathology expertise is based at the Veterinary Pathology Centre at the University of Surrey. Together, we are building our research, teaching and CPD portfolio.

By combining our strengths in forensic pathology and science, and building on the existing infrastructure and our established track record as human medico-legal practitioners, ArroGen Veterinary Forensics offers a novel animal forensics service.


A team of highly skilled professionals who collectively are able to offer a wide range of forensic and veterinary expertise. We are always looking for an opportunity to collaborate with people who share the same vision.

We are always happy to chat and we always give free and considered advice!

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