Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Forensics

Alex outlines the current uses and future of diagnostic imaging in forensic veterinary pathology at ISFRI 2017 in Denmark

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Alex, our Lead Forensic Veterinary Pathologist gave a talk on the use of diagnostic imaging in Forensic Veterinary Pathology at the International Society of Forensic Radiology and Imaging conference, in Odense, Denmark.

Alex showed how post-mortem computed tomography (CT) and 3D reconstruction was performed on animals submitted for forensic post-mortem examination. These images were compared with the findings and photographic images from the post-mortem examination (necropsy).

The post-mortem CT images obtained aided interpretation and presentation of ballistic wounds and in a case of suspected blunt force trauma, and their presentation to the court.  He demonstrated how these techniques provide a tool for presenting wounds clearly and without distraction in the courtroom, in highly emotive cases involving animals.

Alex was keen to emphasise the use of established medicolegal imaging techniques in the emerging field of forensic veterinary pathology highlights the possibility of collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing. Expanding the use of imaging technologies across the two fields could lead to a ’One Health’ approach to forensic imaging.

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