Forensic Science – A Reality Check

In an article in The Expert Witness, Jo Millington gives her views on the current state of Forensic Science in the UK Criminal Justice System

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Jo Millington is our Lead Forensic Scientist, and is an internationally recognised expert in Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA).

Jo has written an article for The Expert Witness, in which she expresses the view that:

‘… the appetite to reduce spend is leading to spiralling inefficiencies and tests are being commissioned simply on the basis of price rather than on whether they can provide answers to the questions that are most relevant to the court’.

Jo addresses the challenges faced in the application of forensic science the Criminal Justice System, both from the perspective of the prosecution and defence.  The article outlines these challenges, including financial limitations.  Central to Jo’s argument is the suggestion that:

‘A more achievable objective might be to ask that all users of forensic science challenge whether the test that is being considered is fit for purpose – has it been selected because it is cheap or has it been selected because it is best placed to answer the relevant question?’

Jo not only works on forensic biology cases, but also provides internationally renowned training in BPA and has also written an article on the subject for The Barrister magazine.

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