Advanced Digital Forensics Services

The surge of digital evidence in criminal investigation applies equally in cases which involve animals and can often provide a tangible link between the person and the crime.

We are able to offer a full enhancement, tracking and stabilising service of CCTV, mobile and video footage using state of the art software.

We can recover and enhance information from audio, video and dictaphone recordings, including those which are damaged, and conduct an analytical comparison of features such as facial recognition, height and gait, clothing, vehicles and other objects with CCTV images.

We maintain an up to date approach to methods in internet history analysis, including social media, instant messaging and chat analyses and offer a robust service in respect of indecent pictures and video cases, which includes abuse of animals and the dark web.

Working with you we will produce still images from VHS or digital CCTV, or provide transcripts of the material in order to assist the investigation and provide information for use at trial.