Forensic Biology & Blood Pattern Analysis

The impact of forensic biological evidence in an investigation can be significant, not least because it provides an opportunity to potentially identify people through the analysis of their DNA. Our team includes leading experts in Body Fluid and DNA interpretation, Sexual Offence investigation as well as Blood Pattern Analysis.

We also offer a service in the analysis of animal DNA, which is an emerging field and can produce useful intelligence in an investigation. It can be particularly useful when employed in conjunction with an assessment of alleged bite marks, on other animals or people. The presence, or absence, of body fluids such as blood, semen, saliva and urine can be of significance in a variety of different crime types, including assaults and sexual offences against animals.

The correct identification, analysis and interpretation of a body fluid is critical.  This includes an assessment of the distribution of staining which can be probative in terms of establishing the activity or mechanism by which a body fluid may have transferred. This extra layer of evaluative thinking can be particularly useful in sexual offence and major crime investigation and can often help to provide a reconstruction of events.

We are able to search for and identify the full range of body fluids as well as providing a comprehensive case review service. We are also able to provide bespoke ‘early evidence kits’ to assist in the recovery of material and we will put you in contact with the relevant expert to provide advice regarding how to optimise the recovery of material.

Within our team we have specialist expertise in blood pattern analysis (BPA) and offer the leading forensic training courses for practitioners at all levels, including our Advanced BPA Course. We offer a regular programme of highly regarded BPA training courses suitable for all levels of forensic and legal practitioners including Crime Scene Examiners and Forensic Scientists. An analysis of the distribution of blood can be as significant in crimes against animals as it is in human crime investigation.

Our BPA Services include:

  • Examination of BPA at scenes of crime
  • Laboratory-based examinations of items for blood and BPA
  • Enhancement of bloodstains including with luminol
  • Evaluating the nature of bloodstain patterns, including possible actions that may have caused them e.g. assailant v. bystander defence
  • Developing and delivering professional training courses in BPA and awareness lectures and workshops